Chris Williams

  1.  Where are you from originally? Milwaukee born and raised. I’ve moved around the country in my adult life, but the people and pace of life brought me back to Milwaukee. Definitely where I call home. 2.  How long have you been employed at the dealership? At this time, I’m a month away from celebrating 7 years here. I look forward to many more anniversaries! 3. How did you get into the auto industry? I had plans to move back to Milwaukee from Kansas City in 2009. At that time, I was running a uniform route and wanted to look into something different. I reached out to a few friends to see what type of options were available, and being a car enthusiast previously, working in the automotive industry appealed to me. I’ve always worked on the service side of the world, so immediately thought I would fit within the Service or Parts departments. I was offered a position by Pete Stein (one of my lifelong best friends and best man in my wedding), a sales position and was slightly skeptical, but confident that I could make it work. He supported my decision and gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to succeed. Now, I wish I would have found the Auto Industry much earlier than 2009 because I absolutely love what I do. I give every day the effort my family and All-Star Honda clients deserve, and here we are almost 7 years later. 4.  What are your day to day responsibilities? My day to day responsibilities recently changed. I’m in my ideal position now, where I have the ability to help everyone in my network receive great service, deals and the best vehicles money will buy. I’ve had a few different positions in the 7 years I’ve been here, but really enjoy the position I’m in now the most! 5.  What are your qualifications that make you an All-Star team member? I’m an All-Star team member because I provide a level of service that isn’t “the norm” in the Automotive Industry. I take great pride in knowing the products Honda offers inside and out, and listening to my client’s preferences. If I know I can save you money and achieve your vehicle needs, that’s what we do. I support educated decisions and I provide as much information to everyone I’m working with so they feel comfortable with the options available. Understanding my client and the Honda lineup allows me to know how to help! 6. Why would you recommend customers choose All-Star? I recommend All-Star Honda because we’re a transparent dealership in a not-so-transparent world. We strive to be a dealership that you can do research at, ask questions and get strait forward answers as well as provide a service that’s stress-free and fun. When you’ve done your research or have been waiting for a new release, it should be easy and enjoyable! 7. Is there anything you want to share or promote that you’re involved in outside of work? I’m a Honda Enthusiast and really enjoy going to vehicle related gatherings. Whether it’s a Car Meet, Dyno Day or Track Day, it’s always enjoyable to see familiar faces and meet new people. I’m a member of Wisconsin Honda Group, Wisconsin 8th/9thCivic Group and 9thCivic/9thGenCivic Sites to support the growth and knowledge of the newer Civic Si models. I drive a 2012 Honda Civic Si that removes my stress when I’m in the driver’s seat. I have an amazing and beautiful wife that I will be celebrating 6 years of marriage with on July 23rd. Her name is Bobbie and I owe my success to her. She’s dealt with my ups and downs, my schedule and has been nothing short of the best thing to ever happen to me. She’s stayed positive in times I doubted myself, and kept me on track to be the person I am today. I also have two amazing children, Joseph (20) and Dominic (17). They’ve provided the light at the end of the tunnel and continuously push me to work as hard as I can for their future success. They mean the world to me! 8. What’s your favorite sport(s)? Football 9.What’s your favorite team(s)? Green Bay Packers