Neil Campbell

Featured Employee of the Month for May Neil Campbell, All-Star Technician  1. Where are you from originally?Milwaukee 2.How long have you been employed at the dealership?  4 years 3. How did you get into the auto industry?   Working on vehicles was a hobby of mine and now it has become my career. 4. What are your day to day responsibilities?  Inspecting vehicles and providing excellent quality repairs for All-Star Customers. 5. What are your qualifications that make you an All-­Star team member?  1. Excellent work ethic  2. Team player  3. Loyalty 6. Why would you recommend customers choose All­-Star? All-Star Honda offers our customers a high standard of quality work and customer service. 7. What’s your favorite sport(s)?  Football 8. What’s your favorite team(s?)Green Bay Packers